Nordbeton Race


Concrete barrier

Nordbeton concrete barriers are widely used for all kind of motorsports globally. Our tested connection claw between the barriers makes sure that the impact energy is transfered to the adjacent barriers keeping the car or bike on the safe side.

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Double sided concrete barrier

Some race circuits feature two racing lanes close to each other. To separate them two back to back installed guardrails or concrete barriers were used in the past. In order to reduce installation time and expenses we developed the double sided concrete barrier.
This solutions allows you to separate securely both racing lines with just one barrier. 

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Mobile FIA Debris Fence

The NORDBETON concrete barriers can be upgraded with Geobrugg debris fence panels to comply with the FIA Standard 3502-2018 Debris Fences. The fully homologated solution can be used for city race circuits, permanent facilities or proving grounds. (homologation will be provided by Geobrugg AG)

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